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2020 NFL Draft Countdown


AccuProSports is the first independent company to grade and analyze the accuracy of NFL mock drafts. Along with grading each expert, we made AccuProSports your one stop shop for every updated NFL mock draft leading up to draft day. Each year, the experts put out hundreds of mock drafts, but how accurate are they? Now, with our unique grading system, we can see how accurate the experts are.

From the first snap of the regular season to the final minutes of a prospect's pro day, the draft process is a rollercoaster. Rising and falling will highlight a prospect's draft stock. Their draft stock can fluctuate up or down all year. The major factors that will dictate a players draft stock are: the college regular season, bowl games, the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine, NFL team workouts, and finally, player pro days.

Please note: rising and falling will only focus on players that will be drafted in the first round.


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